Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Volvo 144

Time for a gratuitous car post. I have been chatting today with Mr Smith, a friend of mine with a similar interest in functional, and understated, car design. Our common interest was formed in South Africa recently where we both professed an unhealthy interest in the VW Citigolf. Smith beat me to it with a nice piece on his blog about those. Great picture too. Anyway, today we were specifically chuntering on (in a most nerdy male way) about the virtues of a Volvo 240GL (note to self: what is going on?). Specifically to coupĂ© or not. So seeking some oneupmanship in this situation, I have hunted out the 144, essentially the car that became the blueprint for Volvo's range for decades. These pictures are from the splendid book called Cars, by Stephen Bayley. If this rambling post was of any interest at all, you might like it. 

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