Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Des autocollants des Alpes

Lovely stickers. Can't believe they still make them. Coming soon to a baggage carousel near you.

One Hour Developing

Heavy Alpine Sky

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Chamonix Polaroids

I love these Alpine relief maps. I'd been looking on the internet for a while to buy one and they have them here in Chamonix for €95. Unfortunately they are about 1.5M square!

A cracking view toward the Italian Alps from the gondola that goes to the Punta Helbronner peak in Courmayeur.

More mountains.

Weather station at Punta Helbronner. I thought it looked cool.

A beautiful old SWB Landie in cream.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Holy Hot Wheels!

Move over Batman... check these wheels. A spanking new Audi R8 in matt black. Just don't get it valeted with Turtle Wax...

Pimp my electric taxi

You can only drive these electric mini buses in Zermatt. It's a no car zone. Mickey, our man in the mountains, tells us they are €50,000 each! Now for that kind of money I'd expect some nice rims like these.

Last Stop Chocolat Shop

God forbid you leave Switzerland and find out there is a nationwide chocolat shortage en France. Pas probleme, right next to the border control is this handy store to the rescue. My producer went in for a bag of crisps. They didn't have any. But they did have chocolate, and cow bells. I think there's a gap in the market here.

Have you ever wondered...

...where all those delicious little chocolate bunnies come from at Easter? Well check out this giant beast I found roaming the valley below the Matterhorn (where, by the way, miners excavate Toblerone day and night).

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chin Heads

My siblings and I used to do this when we were kids, resting pennies on our chins for eyes. So, I figure it was a good way to waste a Saturday morning with my little monkeys. Plus these days you can video it too. Try it... belly laughs guaranteed.