Monday, 31 January 2011

Daks SS11


Here are the new images for the Daks Spring Summer 11 campaign I just directed. Photography is by Josh Olins and styling by Cathy Kasterine. Our models were the lovely Dree Hemingway and Mattias Bergh. Hair by Shon, make up by Sally Branka.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Land Rover Monster

Look at this bad boy. I didn't art direct this. It was just parked there.

Volvo 144

Time for a gratuitous car post. I have been chatting today with Mr Smith, a friend of mine with a similar interest in functional, and understated, car design. Our common interest was formed in South Africa recently where we both professed an unhealthy interest in the VW Citigolf. Smith beat me to it with a nice piece on his blog about those. Great picture too. Anyway, today we were specifically chuntering on (in a most nerdy male way) about the virtues of a Volvo 240GL (note to self: what is going on?). Specifically to coupĂ© or not. So seeking some oneupmanship in this situation, I have hunted out the 144, essentially the car that became the blueprint for Volvo's range for decades. These pictures are from the splendid book called Cars, by Stephen Bayley. If this rambling post was of any interest at all, you might like it. 

Prop House Heaven

I was in South Africa recently. We were hunting props (as in we were looking for things to use for a photo shoot - I am not conversing in a 'West Coast gangsta style' and expecting your reassurance for doing so). Whatever. We met this chap called Braam, who lives in what appears to be a massive car boot sale. Prop houses are often interesting, but more often than not the goods are housed in a warehouse, making a visit rather perfunctory. Braam keeps his collection in his home and another house nearby. This makes the whole experience a real adventure as you never know what is in the next room. I can't possibly do it justice here, but should you be in Cape Town and searching a certain hue of 1950s luggage, give him a look. He has everything. Except, he tells us, a chocolate fireguard.

Elle Covers # 2 - Cheryl Cole

The ubiquitous Cheryl Cole gets a rather beautiful, and slightly edgy, presence on the newsstand this month, thanks to our shoot with Jan Welters for ELLE. A good time was had by all (while cranking up Mr Tom Macklin's R&B mix tape) not least my young daughters who had the pleasure of Cheryl's company for some souvenir snaps. Dank u wel, Mr Welters! The shoot was reet up our street. 


ELLE Covers # 1 - Carey Mulligan

My tenure as Acting Creative Director at ELLE has sadly come to an end. Which is probably for the best as I thought I might have to clone myself or at least find a suitable doppelganger to fulfill my obligations. Anyway, here are my final two covers (well, there's actually another sneaky one I did coming up in a month or two). Such a lovely magazine with such very, very nice (and talented) people working for it. I will continue as a Contributing Editor.

Independent on Saturday Magazine

Profuse apologies... over 2 months since a post? Well, I have been very busy, and it was Christmas. So to kick off 2011 I'm posting this eveningwear story I both shot and directed for 'The Indy'. Featuring the rather dapper Mr Simon Clark it was was styled by the talented Mr Lee Holmes of the aforementioned organ. Hair, naturellement, is by Mr Matt Raine using his esteemed Mr Natty grooming range. It ran before Christmas, don't ask when. I can't remember.