Sunday, 29 November 2009

The only way is up

Technically, it could still be down... but another win for Ipswich today has brightened my spirits so I thought I would upload this snap of the North Stand, now The Sir Bobby Robson Stand, in honour of the late Town manager. Blue Army!


I was in Havana the other week. Just 3 and a half days. My usual extreme sightseeing that doubles as a location scout. These lads were jumping in to the sea from the Malecón, the sea wall that runs along the shorefront of Havana. There was literally a 3m wide spot for them to land in between razor sharp rocks. Mind, they knew what they were doing so no point fretting, just get the camera out. Going back on Wednesday for a week so expect a few more posts from this unique place.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Positano Sconizze

Here are some images I shot, as my alter ego photographer self, in the summer on our Positano scout. Our production in Positano rounded up this motley crew and we took them out to sea on Guido's beautiful old gozzo. We had a right laugh jumping in and swimming around the boat. Sconizze is the term for 'street kids' in Neopolitan. But these guys were super well behaved... gelati all round afterwards!

Boden Spring 2010

A few snippets of the new shoot I just art directed for Boden Men. I did this back in Sept. I was really pushing a super loose reportage vibe, making it like the viewer is really there with the models. Client loved it.

If you haven't been to Positano it is just incredible. We were so lucky to hang with locals and see a different side to it. I can't think of many places I've enjoyed more. And the food... well that was out of this world.

Photographer on this shoot was Colin Lane. We share an agent, Blunt London. Click the link on the right to see more of our stuff.

Before you ask... the dog is NOT comped! He loves jumping in!


We've just about finished decorating and so the pictures are finally coming out of storage to hang. As the wind begins to bite, I'm starting to think about the mountains. Plus, I've been getting snow updates all week from Whistler Blackcomb where I've been shooting the last two seasons. It's dumping like never before and I'm getting the hump.

I won't there this season but I might be at this spot. It's La Grand Motte in Tignes. Taken a good 10 years ago by Stefan Ruiz on a trip we did out there for Arena. That's me in the blue jacket. It's now hanging on the 3rd floor of my house. Quite apt. It's been up 15 minutes and I've not heard a crash yet.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Elveden Forest

You probably guessed I haven't done all these things today. I'm just getting this thing up and running.


My birthday cake. If you are a Charlie and Lola afficionado like me, you will understand. It is a 'Monster' cake. Made by my lovely daughters. Yum! (He doesn't have acne, that's where the candles were - and no, I am not 17).

Los Angeles 3

A few more. I'm a bit obsessed with this app.

More LA

American Airlines departure lounge carpet.

This a cracker. Behind The Viper Room.

Los Angeles

Don't know what this place is. I shot it from the freeway downtown. Let's call it 'The Waffle House'.

More snappies from the iPhone. I was a bit obsessed with the gadget I'll admit.

New York

I was in the States a little while back and had a lot of fun with my favourite iPhone app, ShakeItPhoto.

If, like me, you miss the polaroid of old, but don't miss the stinking chemicals that seep into your body when you pop it into your armpit to cook it then it's right up your street. It has a few glitches, but it doesn't have to be perfect... that was always the point wasn't it?

Il duce de hazzard.

This little fella always makes me smile on the way to my agent's office. You'll spot him around Curtain Road most days.