Monday, 28 November 2011

Esquire Big Black Book

In New York the other week I caught up with my old Arena mucker, Mr Nick Sullivan, now Fashion Director at US Esquire and the brains behind The Big Black Book. It's very well thought out gentlemen's organ that I highly recommend. Now in it's 5th year, it is, as the lady at Hudson News in JFK noted, 'expensive', but worth it. Some lovely stories by the esteemed Mr Poynter, Mr Roper and Mr Clarke.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Jane Hotel - New York

On a recent visit to New York I shacked up at the delightfully appointed Jane Hotel. It has been lovingly and thoughtfully restored in an early 1900s style. The hotel has a long and chequered past. It was notably the hotel that housed the Titanic's survivors after that fateful night in 1912. As someone who used to stay at the old Gramercy Park hotel back in the day, it feels like a real slice of a New York from days gone by (although the staff are far more attentive and the rooms are clean).

Friday, 11 November 2011

Boden Women Winter 2011 - Scotland

Now if Maine was cold... Scotland was bitter! We shot this way up on the Cawdor Estate near Inverness. It is the most incredible location and the whole crew shacked up in the estate lodge (miles from anywhere) where we enjoyed wholesome dinners, roaring fires and the odd wee dram to fight the bitter July weather. I swear, the world is upside down in terms of weather. My hardy Scandi crew always enjoy a challenge (I guess this felt tropical to them) and it was one of the most fun shoots ever. Must mention the great umbrella work by Kelly Rippy. Thanks fella!

Boden Men Winter 2011 - Maine

Despite the fact it's set to be 17C tomorrow, winter really is on it's way (surely?). Here's our latest trip to make it to press... all set on the beautiful Maine coastline. Hey, it looks like Blighty... and it's an amazing place to shoot, there's lakes, rugged coasts, sandy beaches, forests and cobbled streets all within an hour of each other. The weather is bloody lousy too - just like home. We shot this in July and it was wet and freezing.