Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Southwold Pier Oddities

I was on the pier at Southwold the other day and always enjoy a visit to these most bizarre amusements. Make what you will of them. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Supreme T's

Found a few of my old Supreme T's the other day. Can't seem to bear letting them go, even the though Burberry one shows signs of being used while painting. The Grand Royal one is an bonus to this post, from the long lost store on Lafayette St, NYC, just across from Supreme.

Boden Women Autumn 2011 - Paris

Here are a few shots from the new Autumn story we shot in Paris a couple of months ago. It features the lovely Edda as an aspiring fashion photographer about town (a role which she took to a little too easily I may add!).

Boden Men Autumn 2011 - Amsterdam

Been a little slack posting our Boden jaunts on here. Here's a little snippet of a recent shoot in Amsterdam. Much fun had by all, the whole crew whizzed about the city on bikes (very eco - and more fun than a passenger van). Followers of this blog may notice the Brandon bar I posted a few months ago. We were frequent visitors.

Favourite Football Kits Ever #1 (revisited) - Saint Etienne 1982

I am revisiting a club I have already featured in this short series because a) I love this kit (in fact I still have the shirt from when I was a kid stashed away in a box and b) I actually really love the sports photography from this era. There is always such a rawness to it, having been shot on fast film and shorter lenses, that makes me feel so much more engaged with the subject.

Mr Natty will see you next Tuesday

The intrepid Mr Natty, barber utensils silently stashed in his fishing bag, awaits a young model to snip at while standing upon a Maine dock at 5.15am. Times, it appears, are hard. Our hirsute friend is currently back in New England, taking care of the chaps at Bear Week in Provincetown. Best of British Natty!


A rather large jaunt to the Norfolk coast with friends and offspring, led us to the incredibly rocky shores of Cromer. No injuries, just wet feet. A miracle considering my daughter is the one wearing the inappropriate Havaianas.

Cawdor Estate - Scotland

 No, it's not The Proclaimers new album.

 The lovely Cathrine Wessel, stoic in the face of midgies biting her face off. 

 Spot the digital assitant - in his latest 'office' 

We have just returned from a fantastic week shooting (photos - though they do have wildlife you can aim if you are inclined) in the wind and rain. It's an incredible place. I'm sure we'll be back, we have been already. It would be even better without the incessant midgies.

BMW 3.0csi

Beautiful. I just used this for a shoot in Maine. It was difficult to source a Euro spec one, but we found it. It was immaculate.