Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Silly Bandz

Just did a casting in Boston and pretty much every kid came in with these coloured elastic bands on their wrists. After a lengthy explanation one young chap made it all clear... they are trading them with each other at school and it has become a nationwide phenomenon. The bands cost $3 for 12 from Walgreens, CVS etc and come in loads of different styles - girl packs, boy packs, safari, glow in the dark etc. Promptly I went off and spent nigh on $20 on rubber bands for my girls, and they went mental for them. I am even sporting one myself. But it's a bit tight to be honest.

More Rifugio

Prendi la tua scelta

Dive! Dive!

Something tells me the owner of this Italian café has little patience for les françaises.

It might have been June, but it was proper cold.

Rifugio di Torino

For a hut at the top of an Italian mountain, this Rifugio proved to be a little treasure trove of blog worthy posts. My own particular favourite being the Pope rocking a quilted jacket (very AW10) in papal white (a bit gangsta) with a natty baseball cap. Baseball caps on septegenarians is always a questionable look, but on the pope? In white? Mind he makes it work... well, better than William Hague ever did.