Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Prop House Heaven

I was in South Africa recently. We were hunting props (as in we were looking for things to use for a photo shoot - I am not conversing in a 'West Coast gangsta style' and expecting your reassurance for doing so). Whatever. We met this chap called Braam, who lives in what appears to be a massive car boot sale. Prop houses are often interesting, but more often than not the goods are housed in a warehouse, making a visit rather perfunctory. Braam keeps his collection in his home and another house nearby. This makes the whole experience a real adventure as you never know what is in the next room. I can't possibly do it justice here, but should you be in Cape Town and searching a certain hue of 1950s luggage, give him a look. He has everything. Except, he tells us, a chocolate fireguard.

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