Monday, 21 February 2011

Chamonix - l'autre jour

Hackett Kids SS11 - Behind the Scenes Video

It's finally up! Check out how much fun we had shooting Spring Summer at Kew in the wind and rain! How very British!

Hackett Kids SS11 - Behind the Scenes video link

Minis in Paris

Have you ever noticed how many old Minis there are in Paris. Once you start looking they are around every corner. They are certainly more ubiquitous that the 2CV. Oddly, they are always ever so slightly pimped - chrome bumpers front and rear. I find the best ones are always in British racing green, with a little Union Jack sticker on one side of the boot and a little 'F' (for France) sticker opposite. Trés chic.

Café Brandon

On a scout in Amsterdam recently, my producer and I stumbled across this bar. We were out for a jet-lag curing run at the time and not in any fit sartorial state to enter for a brew. However, the next day our local producer pointed it out, explaining that it had only recently been re-opened - after 20 years. The new owners felt compelled to preserve the 70s treasure trove as they had found it. It's on the corner of Keizergracht and Leilegracht, if you're in town make sure you visit, maybe not in your lycra and runners though. 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hackett Kids Spring Summer 2011

Last Autumn, fresh from jetting in from Maine, and before shooting off to Provence, Mr Natty and I had a lovely day at Kew (in awfully inclement weather), shooting the new Hackett kids campaign for Spring Summer 2011. While Mr Natty was making the little ones look rather spiffing, I was behind the camera taking the pictures, rather quietly in the case of the parrot shot - don't want to lose one of those beasts in the Tropical House. Our young model was very brave as the feathered one's talons sunk into his skin. Kids seem to be made of stern stuff these days. Bravo!  A rather lovely video was made too, which we will post when it is ready.