Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hemingway Finca

I just found these. I'd been meaning to upload them for a while. They are pictures I took at the Ernest Hemingway Finca outside Havana in October.

Hemingway lived in the house on and off for 20 years from the late 30's. After his suicide in 1962, Castro ordered that the house be left as it was and turned into a museum in a memorial to his friend.

It's an incredible place. Fairplay to Fidel for having the foresight to keep it as it was (mind, the whole country is like it was). You can't actually go in, you have to walk around the outside and look through the windows. I love the decor. It's very early - mid 20C American and the old books, wood and stuffed animals just give it this great aged smell that reminds me of summer camp in Wisconsin. It's more JCrew, Ralph and Gant than any of them could dream of. If you're thinking of shooting there... forget it. They're not interested.

It's a proper man's house. Except for the floral armchairs. What are those all about Ernest?

The entrance to the living room

The living room

An office adjoining the guest room

The guest room

Even books in the bathroom!

Nice. A pickled baby alligator and bat. Just what every bathroom needs.

Dressing room.

Shoes for life.

Another office with views to Havana.

The dining room.

Another office in a garret. Apparently Ernest never used it.

Pilar, Hemingway's boat which he used for marlin fishing and also, less conventionally, searching for German U-boats in the war between Cuba and Florida.

The Pool must have stories to tell.

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  1. Awesome . . . well done. I have read many biographies and books about Hemingway's life in Cuba, but these pictures really bring the place to life. Thanks for posting them.

    (Mobile, AL)