Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cuba Polaroids

This is a street leading off from a lovely piazza where they shot an early scene in the 1962 movie Soy Cuba. It's a Russian / Cuban movie that is a great introduction to Cuba in a pre-revolution world. Check it out.

These kids were playing some kind of streetball game. Smacking a small ball against a wall and arguing like it was the World Cup Final.

Check out Mr Natty (blog link to the right) astride this beast. Beats a Vespa, hey natty boy?

After a little hiatus, here are some polaroids from my recent (second) trip to Havana. Unfortunately I didn't have my Polaroid gizmo with me on that occasion as a result of being careless with my iPhone on the last train home. Hence, I went a bit potty taking lots of snaps now I've got the new one.

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  1. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them. I would love to go there some day. No, I look forward to when I will go there someday.