Thursday, 20 October 2011

Favourite Football Kits Ever # 7 Ajax Amsterdam 1987

If you follow this blog (you probably don't), then you'll note that this image is not up there with the usual photo-journalistic standard that I set for my historical football posts. Stay with me...

This particular shot features one of my all time favourite players, whose name has particular relevance to the bouquet he is carrying in tandem with the 1987 ECWC trophy. Arnold Johannes Hyacinthus Mühren (on the right - with the flowers), in my opinion, has the best left foot of all time. OF ALL TIME. Though saying this, the best goal he ever scored for Ipswich Town was in an FA Cup 6th Rd replay in 1981 (against Nottingham Forest) with his right peg (previously only ever used for standing on). The very young Matt Brooke Studio almost fell off the drainpipe he was holding onto in the capacity crowd when said event happened. All seater stadiums? Allocated seats? Pre-booking? What's that all about?

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