Thursday, 8 September 2011

Favourite Football Kits Ever #4 & #5 - Ipswich Town & Liverpool 1980

This set of images shows Ipswich and Liverpool in action in the 1980-81 season, both at Anfield and Portman Road, when both teams were on a fairly even footing (Ipswich would win the UEFA Cup that season and Liverpool the European Cup). The photography here is very much of that time, I find it far more inspiring than what we see today in this genre. You can just feel that it is film, it's not unrealistically sharp and the colours are naturally saturated from the type used and the printing process. It's so evocative, just red vs blue. This is helped, I feel, by the vivid simplicity of the kits, unadorned as they are by sponsor names, player names and ludicrous weaves in the fabric. I find the composition of the images and the very shallow depth of field gives them a very painterly quality too. Phil Neal looks a bit tubby as well, which you wouldn't get away with today.

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