Friday, 26 February 2010

Volvo Amazon

I'm hunting for cars for a shoot. Thing is I always come back to the Volvo 122 Station Wagon (or Amazon as it's often called). We had one in California on a shoot a couple of years ago, just like this, and drove from San Francisco down to Big Sur. It was fantastic. It came back on a trailer though. Bloody packed up. Tommy, our production guy was more of a mechanic that week! I'm not sure why I am so obsessed with Volvo's. As a kid my dad always had Citroëns, because they had more flair about them. Am I subconsciously rebelling? I don't think so, I still love those Citroëns, I'll post some later. I found one or two yesterday.

Anyway, the Volvo's have their own style, more influenced by American chrome than Gallic flair.
I love the station wagons, but a coupé in powder blue (suspension lowered a little) is pimp. Well, too cool for a pimp.

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